Denver Open Coffee Club

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PICTURE: Helge V. Keitel. Sotkamo, Finland (2011)

The Simpukka Coffee Shop doesn’t exist anymore, but I got the idea to write about the Denver Open Coffee Club based on a Facebook posting by my long time Internet friend Paul W. Swansen.

I used to go to this place to read newspapers and to have a cup of coffee. I’ve posted tweets from Simpukka, but the place has been taken down over a year ago.

This past Tuesday, the Denver Open Coffee Club [#DOCC] had a wonderful discussion around apprenticeship.

- I have leveraged my years of experience in consumer web, social media, branding and consumer insights to create a comprehensive methodology that helps brand align their business objectives, brand and messaging, writes Monique Elwell in her blog.

I heard [or learned] Bill Clinton speak about how last year Mexico graduated 130,000 engineers, that’s more than half of what the U.S. did last year!

- Just about every social media expert tells you that you need to “have a conversation” with your fans and followers on social media, but no one tells you how, Monique Elwell tells.

I guess, we need to talk more with people we know through our connections, to learn how they’re reasoning. We’re probably never going to meet face to face, but we can learn from each other if we stop to listen for a few minutes.

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