Ilkka Pirttimaa and Blind Square as number one in Barcelona

opencities BlindSquare attended mobile applications competition OpenCities App Challenge in Barcelona, Spain, as a part of the Smart City Expo which took place from 13-15 November 2012.

The organizers were seeking applications using open data and solving a real problems in citizens’ every day urban life.

There were 113 European competitors participating and ten (10) best apps were judged in front of a live jury in Barcelona.

In his presentation, Ilkka Pirttimaa gave special thanks to the blind community and Blind Square users helping him to develop a winning solution in close collaboration with him and his company.

Short time, great statistics

Just in 6 months, 4 major Blind Square releases, bringing totally of 39  new features during this time. All based on responses that the developer received from the community; now 113 apps on a map.

- I’m glad to tell you that Blind Square won, says Mr. Ilkka Pirttimaa and promises to use the 3 000 € price money wisely to enable future development.

There is a global potential for Ilkka’s mobile invention.

Taiwan and Blind Square

The World for the Blind in Taiwan: posted by Hsuan-chu (Chloe) Lee on June 27, 2012 at 3:30pm

Back to 1891, a foreign priest (甘為霖as the Chinese name) founded the first school for the visually impaired in Tainan, the previous capital like Turku in Finland , where locates in the Southern Taiwan.

To date, in Taiwan we have more associations for the blind throughout. Let’s take Taipei, the capital, for instance, today I would like to introduce what kind of associations for the blind in Taiwan.

- I would break this topic down on three perspectives- the education, career, and entertainment.
For the education, there is The School for the Visually Impaired in New Taipei, writes Ms. Hsuen-chu LEE.

It was founded for the deaf and blind 1917, by the Japanese called 木村謹吾. Afterwards, the system for the special education turned more sophisticated, so the school for the deaf and blind was separated.

In 2000, The School for the Visually Impaired developed the whole education system for the blind. From the kindergarten to the senior high school or the vocational school, the visually impaired schoolchildren can stay in the same school for 15 years long.

The school has lots of social resources like audio books for the children from Taipei Resource Center for the Visual Impairment, located in the school itself.

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