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BCIAT and Nextenergie projects in France

SOURCE:  BCIAT and also NextenergiesZoom sur le BCIATDans le cadre du Fonds chaleur, l'ADEME lance depuis 2008 des appels à projets intitulés BCIAT : Biomasse Chaleur Industrie, Agriculture et Tertiaire. Le BCIAT contribue au financement des installations de production d'énergie à partir de la biomasse d'une capacité supérieure à 1.000 tep/an, avec un objectif indicatif de 125.000 tep par an.Malgré un écart avec l’objectif initial, le BCIAT 2011 permet de maintenir le cap et les projets soutenus par l’ADEME depuis 2007 représenteront à terme une consommation supplémentaire de biomasse de 633 000 tep/an pour répondre aux besoins énergétiques des industriels français.Les candidats sélectionnés bénéficient d'une aide à la production d'énergie représentant en moyenne 40% de l’investissement global. L'aide est allouée en plusieurs phases : une avance de 50 % est octroyée au moment de la notification, 30 % à la réception de l’installation et 20 % calculés au prorata…

Pollutec about Eco-jobs

Waste and Water, Heat and Power, Clean Air and Environment leads to numerous new jobs, according to Pollutec 2012 Lyon, France.

The ‘Technology’ section of the ‘Means for Implementation’ chapter takes the form of eight points and particular stress is placed on the importance of technology transfer for developing countries; the need for all countries to have access to environmentally friendly technology, to new knowledge, to know-how and to specialist skills, as well as the need for concerted action in pursuit of technological innovation and R&D.

Here, the role of direct foreign investment, international trade and international cooperation is stressed.

The location of Eurexpo is familiar to Irja Kallio and myself. The next expo will be arranged in Paris.

Bois de chauffage ONF Molinario

ONF could be one of the organizations we could talk with during our visit to France.

Microcogeneration of electricity

Published on Sep 18, 2012 La microcogeneración es un proceso que consiste en la utilización del calor que se produce al convertir energía de una fuente en electricidad, siendo utilizado a su vez como nueva fuente de energía. Muy utilizado en el sector industrial en grandes infraestructuras, los avances técnicos han permitido que también puede ser aplicada en edificios -hoteles, residencias, oficinas, etc.- en pequeñas instalaciones.

Ecoinnovación CONFEMADERA

Ecoinnovation in the forestry and wood based industries.

Bois Energie France

SOURCE: is by definition a very local and distributed industry. There are so many local and national players all around Europe. We do have numerous bioenergy producers in Finland. There’re lots of them in Sweden and Norway. But We’ve major bioenergy players in Germany, Austria, France. Switzerland, and Austria.You name it, there are more. Most of them are unknown outside their regional or national boundaries. The European Union has decided to play big in the field of renewable energies and bio-fuels. Nobody knows where the bio-economy is going to take us. It’s our goal to find out where this industry is heading. Bois Energie in Nantes 20-22 March 2013 could be a good starting point.

Spanish Biomass Technology Platform

SOURCE:“It’s the forum of biomass stakeholders, led by the industry, who have been working in the definition of the “Long Term Vision - 2030” and a “Strategic Research Agenda”. These reports reflect the most relevant and key areas of bioenergy where scientific and technological progress in the short, medium and long term are needed, to ensure competitiveness, sustainability goals and future growth of this sector.”Collaboration in the preparation of the draft of the Saving, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy law of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade: Perspective to 2030 Contribute with the work done by BIOPLAT.SPANISH BIOMASS TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM SECRETARIATsecretaria@bioplat.orgwww.bioplat.orgALOS CONTACT: Invest in Spain - Taking advantage of this opportunity
Tel. + 34-915035800
Fax; +34-915035803

Eschlböck Biberfest 2011

Eschlböck International Importers and retailers:Ernst Hackländer GmbH (Schleswig Holstein)http://www.ernst-hacklaender.deNidal (France)http://www.nidal.frMehanizacija Miler (Slovenia)http://www.mehanizacija-miler.siMycsa Mulder (Spain)
http://www.mycsamulder.esSalo-Machinery (Estonia)http://www.salo-machinery.comCarrer macchine srl (Treviso, Italy)http://www.carrermacchine.comComaf srl (Brescia, Italy)http://www.comaf.euSicma Tremea Sri (Belluno, Italy)

Castille and Leon in Spain investing in Biomass

"In Castille and Leon in Spain, they're using straw, agricultural waste, wood from olive trees for their bioenergy push. The advantage of biomass is that it can be adapted to each region," said Gregor Grill from Austria's Biomass Association, a biomass industry umbrella organization.Under the Bioenergy Plan of Castile and León for 2008-2020, a total of EU €1.3 million [US $1.7 million] is to be invested to collect and burn 2,000 ktep of biomass, which is the equivalent of 1,000 tons of petroleum in a push that should create 4,500 jobs and see 250 MW of electric power installed, supplying 450,000 homes with electricity and 250,000 people with heat.HELGE: I guess the investment numbers are not correct. There is additional information below.I got the initial information from an Austrian source, but landed later on a page telling about the bioenergy plan of Castile and León: This news article was originally written in Spanish. It has been automatically translated for yo…