Castille and Leon in Spain investing in Biomass

biopact_biomass_acciona_bioenergy "In Castille and Leon in Spain, they're using straw, agricultural waste, wood from olive trees for their bioenergy push.

The advantage of biomass is that it can be adapted to each region," said Gregor Grill from Austria's Biomass Association, a biomass industry umbrella organization.

Under the Bioenergy Plan of Castile and León for 2008-2020, a total of EU €1.3 million [US $1.7 million] is to be invested to collect and burn 2,000 ktep of biomass, which is the equivalent of 1,000 tons of petroleum in a push that should create 4,500 jobs and see 250 MW of electric power installed, supplying 450,000 homes with electricity and 250,000 people with heat.

HELGE: I guess the investment numbers are not correct. There is additional information below.I got the initial information from an Austrian source, but landed later on a page telling about the bioenergy plan of Castile and León: This news article was originally written in Spanish. It has been automatically translated for your convenience.

“Reasonable efforts have been made to provide an accurate translation, however, no automated translation is perfect nor is it intended to replace a human translator. The original article in Spanish can be viewed at El Plan de Bioenergía de Castilla y León, innovador en toda España.”

The bioenergy Plan of Castile and León, innovator in all Spain

on January 24, 2011

Second Vice-President and Minister of economy and employment, Tomás Villanueva, considered the 'Plan of bioenergy' adopted recently by the Junta de Castilla y León how an "alternative to the field and a complement" for cattle grazing and the use of the mountains betting on an improvement in environmental quality. This pioneer in Spain plan, has been carried out only by 13 States of the EU and could be, explained the Director "a focus of development and creation of economic wealth and employment in the community".

Endowed with EUR 230 million until 2020, with the participation of one hundred, it envisages the creation of 4,700 jobs linked to bioenergy, important sector of the rural environment. In reference to it, Villanueva said that "given the wide availability of resources existing and associated industries that already exist, many projects are brewing".

Planning, with a view "long term", provides for the installation of up 438 electric megawatt, thermal 1.205 and the annual production of 1.030.000 tons of pellets and biofuels. Estimates of the Board estimated at 300 million sales of premium biomasa-materia during the term of this plan, as well as sales of finished products exceeding 10 billion euros after investment in the hands of private initiative estimated at 2.7 billion euros.

Source: The bioenergy plan…

Global urbanization and higher levels of waste have increased the amount of resources that are irreversibly extracted from natural cycles and exploited without recovery as energy or materials, writes Arturo Castillo.

There is valuable information about Biocarburantes here: The plant, owned by Biocarburantes de Castilla y León, S.A. is located in Babilafuente (Salamanca, Spain). It currently employs 110 highly qualified professionals. As with the other Spanish plants and in accordance with current legislation, the electricity produced in the plant that is not used in the production of bioethanol, is fed to the electricity grid.

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