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Robotics by Esko Kilpi

Comfort Zone

Mark Corner (@markcoruk) twiittasi 9:58 AP on pe, helmikuuta 22, 2013: If we’re trying new things, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone. John Maxwell ( Hanki virallinen Twitter-sovellus osoitteesta

Sending stuff from my Samsung

This is my first attempt to use the blogger app to post on my blog.

Hecktic Travel Blogging Seminar in Kajaani

PICTURE: Dalene & Pete Heck, Hecktic Travels, Canada (12.2.2013)KAJAANI | I’ve been blogging for years, but it was my first ever Blogging Seminar at Bio Rex February 12, 2013.The Canadian couple Dalene & Pete Heck are travelling around the world, blogging and teaching people to blog.- We sold everything in 2009 to travel the world, said Darlene Heck.They sold their house and car, gave their pets awat, started a new lifestyle, and hit the road four years ago. They finance their nomadic life with income from sponsors and very systematic blogging about the destinations they are visiting and also by lecturing about “how to become a better blogger”.Dalene & Pete Heck are also publishing books about travel and blogging.My blogging is not as intensive and goal oriented. I write stuff, publish it but don’t mind so much about how to attract more readers.I use the same platforms and techniques, but my effort to make money with blogging only is less professional. My income comes from…