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Liaocheng is located in the west of Shandong

Liaocheng is located in the west of Shandong with Mount Tai as its close neighbor. It is a famous historical and cultural city on the state level,one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation. Take a look at the photo gallery: in the Neolithic Age, it had been a habitat for a clan, and a hunting place for Father Chao, and also Ruihao and king Yao passed away here; Weizi Qi, the cousin of king Zhou of Shang dynasty was honored here, which is why it was called “kingdom of Weizi”; it is known as “the remote area of kingdom Qi” in East Zhou dynasty. Since the ancient China united in the Qin dynasty, Liaocheng County has set up with a long history of over 2,200 years up to date.For more than 5,000 years, the forefathers have created great civilization and splendid culture with sweat and intelligence, leaving their descendents many cultural heritage and scenic spots. Now there are more than 400 historical and cultural sites, including I…

Building Effective Business Relationships in China | MIT Sloan Management Review

Building Effective Business Relationships in China | MIT Sloan Management Review

Many Western companies are familiar with the idea of guanxi, or the importance of relationships in doing business. But developing trust between Chinese and Western executives takes time. The author and his colleagues identified two foundational types of trust.

The first they term “trust from the head” or cognitive trust. That emanates from the confidence one has in another’s accomplishments, skills and reliability. The second type is trust from the heart (affective trust), which arises from feelings of emotional closeness, empathy and rapport and is more complex to develop.

Western executives who have mastered the art of building affective trust do so by developing a deep cultural knowledge, one that goes beyond the mastery of social customs and etiquette. This deep knowledge can help bridge the trust deficit by approximating the basis of common ties and values that individuals from the same c…

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From unlimited growth to sustainable energy


Peura, Pekka
From unlimited growth to sustainable energy - The origin of operational patterns by means of social selection


This doctoral thesis is based on four peer reviewed articles, which together make a coherent longitudinal research and knowledge creating process, with conceptual integration and dialectical reasoning as its corner stones. The thesis is based on zooming in from large scale thinking – philosophy and worldview – towards smaller scale issues, first in order to understand, then to deepen knowledge through research, then to search for solutions for clearly explicated problems, and finally to implement the findings in practice.

The logical framework is as follows: The state of the global environment is ap-proaching a point where the whole of humankind is in danger. These issues are widely discussed and analysed. The change towards more sustainable development will be a long societal process, and it will be essential to understand the

Georgia Renewable Electric Power Industry Statistics - georgia.pdf

Georgia Renewable Electric Power Industry Statistics - georgia.pdf

MSW = Municipal Solid Waste. Other Biomass includes agricultural byproducts/crops, sludge waste and other biomass solids, liquids and gases. MSW Biogenic includes paper and paper board, wood, food, leather, textiles and yard trimmings.