Liaocheng is located in the west of Shandong

Liaocheng is located in the west of Shandong with Mount Tai as its close neighbor. It is a famous historical and cultural city on the state level,one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation.

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Early in the Neolithic Age, it had been a habitat for a clan, and a hunting place for Father Chao, and also Ruihao and king Yao passed away here; Weizi Qi, the cousin of king Zhou of Shang dynasty was honored here, which is why it was called “kingdom of Weizi”; it is known as “the remote area of kingdom Qi” in East Zhou dynasty.

Since the ancient China united in the Qin dynasty, Liaocheng County has set up with a long history of over 2,200 years up to date.

For more than 5,000 years, the forefathers have created great civilization and splendid culture with sweat and intelligence, leaving their descendents many cultural heritage and scenic spots.

Now there are more than 400 historical and cultural sites, including Iron Pagoda—an imposing and bold construction of Song dynasty; Guangyue Tower—a magnificent and splendid construction of Ming dynasty, with carved beams and painted rafters; Jingyang Hill—the world-famous place where Wu Song, an ancient hero, beat a tiger to death; the Lion Mansion— the former site where Xi Menqing was killed by Wu Song; Haiyuan House—one of the four great buildings for book storage in the Qing dynasty with plenty of books of excellent versions; Sarira Pagoda, old and unique in form; the Turtle-Head Rock in Linqing county, the tomb of Cao Zhi in Dong’e county, etc., which are all very prominent.


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