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As banks look to rebuild their reputations and regain the market’s trust, some executives are starting to explore whether social media may provide a useful and more personal vehicle for communicating their viewpoints on key topics.
For this edition of the Social Banker, John Hair (a director with KPMG in the US) sat down with Wolfgang Goebel, a Board member at McDonald’s Germany and – for more than two and a half years – the author of a highly-successful blog that advances issues of interest to both Mr. Goebel and McDonald’s Germany. 

John Hair (JH): What prompted you to start this blog? Did McDonald’s ask you to write it? 

Wolfgang Goebel (WG): The blog actually started because I wanted to find a better vehicle to communicate some of the things I was seeing in the field of human resources, both at McDonald’s and outside. I consulted with our communications department and – after looking at a few options – decided that a blog offered the best opportunity to really discuss the topics while still allowing me to remain authentic to who I am and who we are as a company.
JH: As you know, many banks are currently struggling to rebuild trust with their stakeholders following the financial crisis. Will a blog help rebuild that trust?

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