BlindSquare and Mobile Monday in Budapest

Hello! We’re Back in Finland. Thank you for your kind reception and our interesting talks at the Finnish Embassy in Budapest.

I return to our discussion concerning Mobile Monday, November 2013. The company BlindSquare is willing to participate in the Mobile Monday event.

Mr. Attila Varró, responsible for the Hungarian translation of the BlindSquare application is ready to make 20 – 30 minute presentation in English language.

He knows the program, is an experienced user and can tell about the use of Blind Square in Hungary, and other bundled mobile applications (MBraille).  Ilkka Pirttimaa and/or myself could follow the session over Skype and respond to questions (if possible).

We’re all together looking for ways to spread the word of this valuable app.

Ilkka Pirttimaa wrote October 8, 2013: attilavarro

Hello Varro and Helge!

Let me shortly introduce you: Mr Attila Varró has translated BlindSquare in Hungarian and is also beta testing. He has helped also to bring MBraille for Hungarian iPhone users.

Helge, my friend from Finland, is currently on a trip in Hungary. He has helped me to start business with BlindSquare.

Mr. Varró, could you give Helge some hints about organizations for visually impaired?

Subsequently, we’d a meeting with Mr. Varró October 11, 2013 at  the Budapest School for the Blind. For more details, listen to the podcast below.

Podcast: Mr. Attila Varró and Helge Keitel talking about BlindSquare and the visually impaired in Hungary  

The institution: Kindergarden, Primary School, Vocational Training School, Resource Center, Boarding School and Children’s Home for the Blind

Budapest School for the BlindBudapest School for the Blind
Ajtósi Dürer sor 39
1146 Budapest, HUNGARY
Phone number: +36-1+383-1045
Fax number: +36-1-363-1906
Central e-mail address:

The Budapest School for the Blind is the only state school in Hungary providing services for blind from the age of 3-24 reaching towards the whole country. It has a kindergarten, a primary school, a special vocational training school, a resource center, a boarding school for the students from the countryside and also children's home for the children under state care.

At least 50 percent of the student population has additional needs besides the visual impairment. There is a school program for MDVI children and a separate program for deaf-blind students.

The leadership and the staff of the institution have a strong concern for the future of the MDVI youngsters leaving the school. At present there is not many decent places for them to go, where they can have a meaningful adult life with work, social activities encouraging them to use their skills for everyday situations.

This project helps the school to exchange and also to gather experiences and up-to-date information with other European partners about the work situation with MDVI. In the frame of the project one of our goals to start to adapt our curriculums to help the MDVI individuals to be prepared in a more adequate way for the adult life and we also plan to foster a future day-care center with a sheltered workplace for the above mentioned population.

We also made contact with IBSA Judo European Championships 2013 organizers. Ilkka Pirttimaa’s email below also gives you a short introduction to the Blind Square application.

Dear Madam

My name is Ilkka Pirttimaa and I am the founder and owner of MIPsoft. I am also the developer of BlindSquare and BlindSquare Event, popular navigation aids for the blind and visually impaired, which can be installed on the iPhone and the iPad. They can inform users about points of interest in their vicinity, upcoming intersections, and their current location.

They are very simple to use as they speak the information while the user is walking. They also let the user explore the environment using different search methods and the Look Around feature, which lets the user point their device in different directions to hear the intersections and points of interest located there.

BlindSquare Event supports the BlindSquare Event service, which is free of charge both for users of the app and for event organizers. When an event has been activated for BlindSquare Event, attendees can install the free BlindSquare Event app onto their iOS devices and use all of the features available in the paid version of BlindSquare at the time and location of the event.

BlindSquare Event service can support any event that has been registered with BlindSquare free of charge for organizers and attendees alike. It has been available and well received at the 2013 national conventions of both the ACB and 

the NFB, and also at Sight Village 2013 (Birmingham UK).

BlindSquare Event can be available for your events, too, if you register them with BlindSquare. Please let me know if you are interested in having it supported by BlindSquare Event. Should you be interested in this service, I will activate the IBSA Judo European Championships 2013 in BlindSquare event and send you more information about BlindSquare Event suitable for publication so you can inform your attendees about the service.

If you are interested in having BlindSquare Event support for different future events, too, please just let me know the date and location of your event and I will activate it in BlindSquare Event. You can contact me directly or use the web form at:

Kind regards

Ilkka Pirttimaa

Source:, Lions Club International (sharing the vision)

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