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We will be there - at Ligna 2015 in Hannover

A grasp of some unorthodox strategic responses to modern age sawmill technology development. The forest industry has been battling excess capacity and underutilized resources.There's been fierce competition and price-cutting rather than on non-price competitive tactics.

Crucial to sustaining hard-won competitive  success is the ability to adjust strategy and operations to changing market conditions. One such market condition was slowing or stagnant demand for sawn goods. Stagnation was the name of the game for several years since 2008, but we are finally detecting weak signals promising better times in the future.

Proper timing is giving advantages to companies making necessary strategic investments as the forestry industry is stepping out from its gloomy recession mode. A change for better times has been sensed for more than a year.

Hannover. More international business. More innovations. More integration. That’s what visitors and exhibitors can expect when the international wo…