Kotkamills Wood Absorbex Imprex at Ligna 2015

Kotkamills is a forest products company based in Finland. The company specializes in laminating paper, matt coated bulky paper and sawn products. Kotkamills has two production plants in Finland and a subsidiary, L.P. Pacific Films Sdn. Bhd., in Malaysia – all of them ideally located for excellent customer service and logistics.

The annual production capacity of Kotkamills is 200,000 tonnes of Absorbex Kraft Paper and 40,000 tonnes of Imprex products, 180,000 tonnes of Solaris paper, and 230,000 m³ of sawn timber. The company employs approximately 500 people.
  • Absorbex saturating base kraft papers and resin treated Imprex products converted from Absorbex papers.  
  • The Imprex product family includes both Imprex Core Stock to be used in the production of high-pressure laminates and Imprex films for surfacing of wooden panels.
  • In addition, sawn timber produced at Kotka sawmills was presented at Kotkamills' booth J48 in hall 27 at Lgina 2015.

Big Changes

March 2015 was a month of change for Kotkamills Oy. The company was returned to full Finnish ownership as the former owner of the company, OpenGate Capital, sold the business to a group of domestic private equity firms.

Under the new ownership Kotkamills looks forward to continuing the good co-operation with its customers and suppliers.

The company will keep producing  sustainable quality products from
  1. Kotka
  2. Tainiokoski
  3. Malaysia sites
In connection to ownership change, Ph.D. (Eng.) Markku Hämäläinen has been appointed CEO of Kotkamills.

The company will invest more than 100 million euros in converting the printing paper machine 2 to produce specially developed packaging board grades. The investment project has started and for the moment it is the planning phase.

Kotkamills Oy signed agreements totaling EUR 70 million on equipment deliveries for paper machine 2 to be upgraded in the summer of 2016.

The deliveries will be divided between Valmet Paperikone Oy and Bellmer Vaahto Paper Machine Oy. The capacity of the board machine will be 400 000 t/a, with the basis weight area of the end product being 150 - 500 g/m2.

Primary products includes  a high-quality Nordic folding boxboard and recyclable barrier board for the food industry. By converting the paper machine product to packaging boards, Kotkamills Oy will secure its position as a globally significant manufacturer of forest industry products.

In addition to investment to packaging board production, Kotkamills Oy invests in its other product groups, too.

Construction work to build a new impregnating machine at L.P. Pacific Films in Malaysia has started and investments to Imprex production in Kotka are planned to be realized in near future.

Morover the production capacities of Kotka Sawmills as well as laminating papers will be ensured by investments in production machinery improvements.


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