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Mexico open for business

According to The Economist March 12th 2016, Mexico continues to carry the torch for globalization. Brazil, the other giant of the Americas, seems as protective as ever. China isn't that open either.

The World Bank calculates that Mexico is one of the most open large economies in the world: exports and imports are equivalent to 66% of thee GDP, compared with 26% for Brazil and 42% of China.

Boston Consulting Group reports that "77% of Mexicans are optimistic about the future and only 6% are telling that they're pessimistic".

Mexico is now one of the world's top 15 manufacturing economies and of its top five car producers. Mexican consumers now have access to a huge range of multinational brands: marketers refer to young, middle-class Mexicans as the "Children of NAFTA", because their taste is so cosmopolitan.

International Mexican companies have the huge advantages of speaking one of the world's most popular languages, and sharing a 1,900-mile (3,10…

Continued Stable Profit Development for Raute

September 30, 2015 Raute's CEO Tapani Kiiski told that the global economy and market situation in its operating environment had, as a whole, taken a slightly more uncertain direction over the past few months.

This trend, together with the timing of customers’ investment plans, led to a low order intake in the third quarter of 2015.

Tapani Kiiski did not, however, consider a low order intake in one quarter to be a cause for concern. Thanks to a strong order intake in the first half of the year, Raute's net sales increased and their order book remained strong.

Demand for Raute's technology services, in particular spare parts, remained good, which is an indication of the good capacity utilization rates of its customers’ production plants.

Raute can thus have confidence in the near future.


Cluetail and KK-Net offer compelling opportunities

Trade fairs and exhibitions offer compelling opportunities to show your products and services to new potential customers, as well as to the media and the public.

So you invest handsomely in events, in hopes to boost your brand’s visibility, to improve and enlarge your business network, and to generate sales leads. 

But do you really get the best possible result from your exhibition stand?

Cluetail and KK-Net have teamed up to improve your ROI with what we call exhibition content marketing.

We take an integrated marketing communications approach to your efforts. All your marketing communications instruments should be aligned with your brand and marketing strategy.

This implies consistent messaging across your channels, including your presence at trade fairs and exhibitions. Hence exhibition content marketing.

We help you to compare various exhibition opportunities and select your event participation in alignment with your other marketing instruments.

We then develop and execute…