Mexico open for business

According to The Economist March 12th 2016, Mexico continues to carry the torch for globalization. Brazil, the other giant of the Americas, seems as protective as ever. China isn't that open either.

The World Bank calculates that Mexico is one of the most open large economies in the world: exports and imports are equivalent to 66% of thee GDP, compared with 26% for Brazil and 42% of China.

Boston Consulting Group reports that "77% of Mexicans are optimistic about the future and only 6% are telling that they're pessimistic".

Mexico is now one of the world's top 15 manufacturing economies and of its top five car producers. Mexican consumers now have access to a huge range of multinational brands: marketers refer to young, middle-class Mexicans as the "Children of NAFTA", because their taste is so cosmopolitan.

International Mexican companies have the huge advantages of speaking one of the world's most popular languages, and sharing a 1,900-mile (3,100 km) border with North America.

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