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We worked through the entire magazine layout, deciding on the fall of features, the basic design of the contents page. The Barents Regions appears to be much more compelling on paper than in reality during a rainy day.

She smiled thinking, those were the days. The group in the car was waiting for her, with coffee already poured. Helge didn't look at all busy.

- Well I do get a lot of calls but I really only want to run the business and do the PR with major clients in Narvik and Kiruna.

We all know that magazines come and go like changes to the weather and people drop bundles of cash in the process.

The Social Media Start-ups are particularly vulnerable because they'll be at the upper end of the market where casualties are the highest and others to struggle badly are the very bottom end where hobbyists and other amateurs make unwise decisions to become publishers.

The fundamental consideration aside from secure and adequate funding is to know what to do.  Our fundamental business is to overwhelm readers, then that's what we've got to concentrate on.

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