Wood-based materials for housing construction, renovation and interiors

The SWISS KRONO GROUP is one of the world’s leading producers of engineered wood products. They manufacture modern, environmentally sound products from wood, a renewable raw material.  The group’s broad product portfolio is dominated by high-quality wood-based materials for housing construction, renovation and interiors.

SWISS KRONO Holding AG (www.swisskrono.com), based in Lucerne, Switzerland, currently has eleven subsidiaries in eight countries (Switzerland, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia and the United States) and employs more than 4,500 people. Each of the firms operates as an independent profit centre.

In 2015, timber construction was used for 16.1% of the new buildings erected in Germany, and its share of the market is continuing to rise. Because of the refugee situation, among other reasons, there is a need for more housing. Business is therefore good for the construction industry, which is optimistic about its future. And timber and engineered wood products are enjoying ever-greater popularity.

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