Next Web is Mobile

The next big thing is not on the computer. The post-PC era is said to be here soon. Smart cell phones are becoming a new platform. Voice recognition is about to take off. Microformats, microblogging and mobile micro management of CRM are made possible.


The change of interface is important. We're changing the way we interact with devices. Command and control with voice is becoming important. We are now having the ability to be talking to the walls! Also take a look at the future Magazine concept from Bonnier


One of the side-effects of the smart phone revolution is that it's taken technology out of offices and into every other room in the house. We're texting in the garden, watching mobile TV while on public transport, at the bus stops, on the train.


Technology is now a seamless part of our lives. The next step is how it transform shopping and other experience economy environments. KK-Net is visioning the future store concept.

When your development community is completely open, everything is out there for the world to see, including your disagreements.

Wikis are finally becoming a useful tool for collaboration and information sharing in the workplace.

Rather than the one-way communication offered by corporate blogs, enterprise wikis facilitate conversations between multiple people within, and sometimes outside of, an organization.

Enterprise wikis can be used as an efficient way to organize collaboration. Be warned, though, that keeping it running will take some work, and you may not always get what you expect. 

Facebook is suggesting, "People You May Know." We have probably been connected through Twitter, Jaiku or Social Media. I work with virtual organizations, open innovation and co-creation. Most of my connections are dispersed around the globe. We've probably never met alive but I enjoy to co-work with open-minded people who like to share and work together.

Virtualization means less travel and higher productivity. Online collaboration is a sustainable working model. Open global knowledge transfer and user generated research and development are fields were big improvements can be made by passionate and hard-working people.

Historically, businesses have understood the economic benefits of collaboration services in terms of operational improvement. More recently, however, the broader value of such virtual communication tools has been increasingly recognized in providing organization-wide access to invaluable knowledge resources.

Today's enterprise comprises people, knowledge, technical experience and best practices, which are typically dispersed globally across the business. The key to success in bringing these talents together and exploiting them effectively depends on getting beyond traditional geographical and technological barriers.

The challenge now for both end users and the technologies that support them is two-fold. Firstly, online communication tools should be both easy to deploy and easy to use. Equally important, they should offer universal access if they are to deliver the full benefits of virtual meetings, both internally and between companies.

Trading in the modern age

Global trading based on cooperation and open innovation, boosting the penetration and adaption of disruptive innovations and the delivery of environmentally friendly products and services.

Our role is to function as a match maker for industrial investors, technology providers, trading companies, and official organizations looking for partners, clients and opportunities in the Nordic Countries, European Union, USA, Canada, Latin America, Russia and Africa.

The roles of China and India in our portfolio are under investigation. Southeast Asia is a very interesting area. We're following the development and blogging about the emerging new economies frequently.

Africa is becoming a new place for industrial investments. We are building closer ties with trading companies operating in Africa as well.

Virtual organizations and modern communication technologies and tools have an important role in the open collaboration and co-creation

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